Remittances to the Pacific Islands are vital to their economy. It can be difficult for some people living outside these areas to understand how much of an impact an amount as little as $100 or $200 can have on someone’s life. Send Money To The Pacific Islands is vital for the economy.

Remittances from Pacific Islanders living abroad have been a vital source of income for their families in their home countries. Pacific islanders worldwide send money back home to help their families who live there pay for things like food, shelter, health care and education.

This blog post explores how remittances to the Pacific Islands help sustain families and explains some of the best ways to send money to the Pacific Islands from Australia.

What are the Pacific Islands?

The Pacific Islands are a truly enchanting place full of natural beauty and unspoiled landscapes. You can find tropical beaches, lush rainforests, deep blue lagoons and rugged mountains in these remote locations.

Certainly, these islands are the perfect getaways for those seeking to escape!

Pacific Islanders

Pacific Islanders themselves are gentle people who enjoy their traditional way of life with a strong sense of community spirit. Their culture is rich in music, dance, crafts and cuisine.

Send Money To The Pacific Islands

What is the importance of Australia to the Pacific region?

Certainly, Australia has always been an important partner to the Pacific Islands.

Australia has played a significant role in shaping their future and is still working to help build their prosperity.

The Pacific Islands are also an essential partner of Australia. They are small islands with big economic growth potential but need help getting there.

Above all Australia is so lucky to have such a diverse population with people from many different backgrounds.

There’s just one problem…

As the Australian economy continues to grow and expand, it affects our labour force. It also means that Australia needs more workers than ever!

The Pacific Labour Scheme was included to help with this issue. Check out our blog 9 things you need to know about the seasonal worker programme to find out what the Pacific Labour Scheme is all about and how it has helped Australia’s workforce shortage problem!

Remittances to the Pacific Islands

In Tonga, Samoa and Kiribati in particular, remittances account for more than one-third of GDP. The demand for secure money transfer services has never been higher!

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of Pacific Islanders who have moved to Australia. To help their family members back home, they sent money.

I can almost hear you thinking…

What is the best way to send money? The answer is using Mobile Money! Mobile Money allows people in the Pacific Islands to receive money instantly on their mobile phone without needing a bank or other or intermediary. This means sending money to the Pacific Islands is simpler, cheaper and faster!

Neighbours across the sea

The Pacific Islands are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters. It’a likely you don’t know much about the culture and history of these islands. So let’s talk about it!


Fiji is a group of islands that are located in the South Pacific Ocean. With a population of 905,000 it is made up of 332 islands.

Fiji’s culture is very diverse with over 18% being indigenous Fijians while the other 82% from several different ethnicities.

Fijians are known for their hospitality, welcoming attitude, and love of family. The main language spoken in Fiji is English!

Remittances to Fiji

Fiji, is already using mobile phones to send and receive money and make payments such as electricity and water bills. Some mobile wallets in Fiji are Digicel MyCash and Vodafone M-PAiSA.


Samoa is a small Pacific Island country with a population of just over 190,000. It’s made up of two main islands and six smaller ones.

Moreover, most people speak Samoan although English is also spoken.

Due to its location near the equator, Samoa does not have seasons. This means that temperatures stay relatively warm year-round making it easy to get around without bundling up too often!

Much of the land in Samoa has been cleared to make way for agriculture or cattle grazing so few natural forests are left. The country’s major exports are coconut oil and cocoa beans.

Remittances to Samoa

You can send to a  Digicel MyCash or Vodafone M-Tala wallet across Samoa from overseas.


Tonga is an island nation that sits just north of the equator in the South Pacific. It’s a volcanic archipelago with about 106 islands, and it has a population of 105,000 people.

Unlike many other countries in this region, Tonga has never had any major natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis to disrupt its way of life.

The only thing they’ve really had to deal with are occasional cyclones which can be devastating for small communities on some islands.

Remittances to Tonga

Safely send money online from Australian cash pickup locations and mobile wallets. An active Digicel mobile phone is the only thing your family needs to receive the money in Tonga with Digicel MyCash.

Send Money To The Pacific Islands


Papua New Guinea is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world! with over 800 languages spoken. The country has rich resources, including gold and copper ore deposits.

Papua New Guinea is often called “Australia’s forgotten neighbour” because it shares many similarities with our continent, yet few people know about it or visit.

The people living in Papua New Guinea are known as Melanesians on the other hand Australians are mainly European descendants.

Remittances to Papua New Guinea

Send money from Australia to Papua New Guinea aren’t always cheap. Especially if you use the remittance services provided by banks.

Many people who used these traditional channels have had to switch to alternative ways of sending money including online money transfer or digital remittance.

You can transfer to a bank account including ANZWestpacBSP or Kina Bank in Papua New Guinea with Rocket Remit.


Vanuatu is a stunning series of islands with lush rainforests, coral reefs, and white sandy beaches. It has one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth and is home to some of our planet’s rarest species, like the kagu bird.

According to research by the Gallup Organization, Vanuatu was recognized as one of the happiest countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Further, the main language spoken is Bislama. It can be difficult for visitors to understand at times because it mixes English with various dialects from other languages such as Malay or French Creole (Kriol).

Remittances to Vanuatu

You can send money across the whole of Vanuatu using mobile money. The recipient does not need a bank account to receive money. They just need to have a Vodafone M-Vatu or Digicel MyCash account.

Remittances to the Pacific Islands with Rocket Remit

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The primary concern most people have with digital and online money transfer through websites, apps, systems or platforms is security. While banks are trusted because they are considered ‘too big to fail’, they are becoming less competitive.

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